Friday, 21 December 2007

My last day at work.. goodbye 2007

Just about a year at Gartner, and I feel like I could work here forever. Did my last weekly review call with my manager and it seemed like things could only get better.

Well I have learnt a lot this year - fought many battles, made friends and lived a wee bit more. I remember the first day of 2007, like it was yesterday. I woke up early, for a change; today was special. I was going to pick up my first ever car, my Honda City. It was an old car, but then again - it was my dream come true, it was like my first love. Well, the better part was, I was going to surprise my family who had no clue. You should have seen the look on their faces. The line worked like a charm for mastercard, didn't it - "there are somethings money can't buy".

January was a blessed month for me. New car, landed my dream job, what more could I ask for. Overall, this was one the best years of my life - I even met this nice girl. I don't know where that is going, but hey I am happier and thats what matters right. If I look back, I guess the only one thing I did wrong this year was live it up a lot - no harm in that hah. Well, I guess not if it's within your means :-)

Now, I sit at my desk and think.... WOW - I did all that and here I am at the end of something good and the beggining of something better. Well, I'd like to drink to that tonight.... not that I'm a drinker, but what the hell.

Cheers everyone 2007 is done,
Have got to live better still
When 2008 has begun.

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